Hi! I'm a developer who likes exploring the bounds of what's possible with the technology we have today. After I've learned something new, I like sharing my knowledge by writing about it or involving people in an open source project. I'm especially fond of developing things that make the lifes of both software developers and end-users easier. I'm in my first master year of university studying computer science.


I think it's important to present knowledge in a succinct and straightforward way. Perhaps it's a result of my Dutch directness or just something I've come to love while reading other people's code and articles. Regardless, here is a listing of some details about myself.


After discovering an MSN bot development tool written in Visual Basic in 2005, I decided to learn Visual Basic 6.0 as my first programming language. I made a few games and some small applications, but the language started showing its age and I wanted to learn more popular languages like C++. C++ quickly became my favourite programming language and I've favoured low-level development ever since. (I'm one of those strange people who like manual memory management and the language's complexity.)

Besides that, I've developed numerous web projects written in PHP, JavaScript and Python (using the Bottle framework). I've also developed a few Android applications cathered more to end-users. I hope to gain experience with Ruby, Haskell and Clojure in the future.

Internet presence

Most of my projects are open source on GitHub and if they are interesting enough, I like to discuss them on reddit and sometimes even record videos of them!