Professional experience

2012 — Present Q42
Software Engineer

Responsibilities included development and maintenance of Android apps for 1M+ users and working with agile development methods like scrum.


2012 — Present BSc Computer Science
Delft University of Technology

2011 — 2012 BSc Applied Physics
Delft University of Technology

I studied physics for a year to expand my mathematical background, which has benefited me with understanding topics like computer graphics and developing applications like MathStep.


November 2014 Winning student team of 2014 ING 24H-CodeIt
Member of the winning student team of the 2014 ING hackathon event.

September 2016 1st Prize in Cyber Security category of 2016 KvK Hackathon
Member of the winning team in the cyber security category of the 2016 KvK hackathon event.

June 2017 Winning team of 2017 Serious Gaming KvK Hackathon
Member of the winning team of the 2017 KvK serious gaming hackathon event.

Technical experience

Mobile development

Development of various applications for the Android platform in Java, designed with Google's design guidelines in mind.

Web development

Development of web applications and games using the HTML5 standard, utilising technologies such as CSS3, WebGL and WebSockets.

Computer graphics

Experience using the OpenGL (ES) graphics library to create 2D and 3D visualizations on Android, Windows, Linux and the web.

Other knowledge

Experience with writing practical applications in x86 assembly and various internet protocols like HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3.


I have completed at least one project using any of the languages, editors and operating systems listed below. They are ordered from most experience to least experience.